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The management of wealth can be a full-time job. The administration of that wealth - accumulating and organizing accurate and timely information for decision-making purposes - is not a money-making proposition. Yet, the absence of a working administrative infrastructure can lead to unexpected cash flow problems, retention of poorly performing investments and, even fraud. We treat the high-net worth individual or family as a business, with detailed, comparative income statements and balance sheets customized to the client's needs. Our computer-based approach allows flexible reporting.

Reduce the time-drain running a multifaceted, global household. We provide invoices and other source documents in an electronic format giving you full knowledge of the goings-on in your far-flung domestic scene before payments are released. Most importantly, disbursements are authorized only by you! We provide your own accounting department, but at a small fraction of the cost. Your taxes will be paid, bills will be current and the status and performance of investments easily accessed and evaluated.

Artwork by Mark McMahon

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